Naruto Path of the Ninja 2

(ナルト- RPG3 霊獣VS木の葉小隊)

Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 is a turn-based role-playing game.


Unlike the past two installments in the Naruto RPG series, this game's plot is original filler. The game is a role playing game that takes turns. The story is a filler but made to last much longer. In the story you face all 3 of the 3 people of MU (Rokkaku, Jakō, and Genshō) and obtain 5 mirrors hidden in the game. Nazuna (a girl in the story) says that Genshō is reanimating the Spirit Beast, and the only way to stop it is by collecting all 5 Hope Mirrors. Once you collect a mirror, you remember a past event and do it again (like the 3 jōnin fought Itachi and Kisame, you fight them). But each time you're near the mirror, Genshō tries to stop you with his followers, Jakō and Rokkaku, but you always defeat them. On the last mirror Gaara kills Rokkaku and after Jakō's last encounter with you he loses and Genshō decides that he's useless now and kills him. Genshō is about to kill all Naruto's friends and you turn to Nine-Tailed Fox Naruto and face Genshō, once you defeat Genshō you put the mirrors while he's still moving, but they fail, and you must battle the Spirit Beast with Genshō, which turns extremely hard. After you beat the final boss, peace is restored in all the land and the evil disappears and all through the land every body welcomes the genin and chūnin coming back on their S-ranked mission. (After completing the game, you obtain an ANBU that mostly represents you).



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